Re Dupre – The Monalisa EP [G-House Alert!]

re dupre monalisa EP

Fridays are usually when I post some good party music for the weekend and with my trip to Vegas starting a few hours from now, there’s no better time to post Re Dupre‘s new EP called The Monalisa EP. If you’ve never heard of Re Dupre I wouldn’t be surprised, though he’s a rising star out of the Brazilian G-House scene gaining plenty of recognition and yielding thousands of plays on his 63 SoundCloud tracks. Re Dupre has a pretty extensive bio on his SoundCloud page so I’ll refrain from going too deep into it, but the point is that his productions are absolute bass-heavy House gems, sampling some of the best classic vocals from the world of Hip-Hop (recognize Nate Dogg in this one?)

The Monalisa EP dropped a few days ago and features two tracks, called “Slamming ‘N Thang” and “Monalisa” respectively. What caught my ear is the track “Slamming ‘N Thang” which uses the unmistakable sample of Dr. Dre’s hit “The Next Episode”. The title track “Monalisa” is equally as funky, with more of an edge and containing some fresh Hip-Hop samples as well.

For the G-House lover out there I highly recommend you spend some time on Re Dupre’s SoundCloud page, as there’s hours of superb music on there. And as always, if you like what you hear show some love!

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