Lane 8 Rise Tour Concert Review [San Francisco 9.12.15]

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You may have read our Lane 8 Album Review/Tour Preview a few weeks back, and here we are to give you the breakdown on the SF stop of the tour at Independent SF last Saturday night.

Now, as you may have figured out from my preview post, I’d been looking forward to this show for literally months, but still made the (rookie) mistake of going to an all-day silent disco on Ocean Beach during the day before the show, and committing to a friend’s birthday party after that. Amateur hour, I know. Anyway, needless to say, I was nearly dead by the time it came to head out to the Independent for the show that night. So dead, in fact, that if it hadn’t been Lane 8 that I was waiting to see, I might have abandoned my plans and called it a night. But it WAS Lane 8 that I was going to be seeing that night, and so after a quick 20 minute power nap, I dragged my zombie-ass to the Independent for the show. It would be an understatement to say that i was not disappointed.

Lane 8’s energy, and the crowd’s obvious affinity for not just him but for the track-after-track of greatness he laid down, was enough to not just revitalize me but to actually make me feel one of those “we’re all in this together” warm and fuzzy feelings that you don’t get at too many shows. Everyone was grooving, Lane 8 was closing his eyes at meaningful chords and swaying along to the songs, conveying the emotion that he puts into each track and making me feel even closer to the music, and I truly couldn’t have been happier. There was one point when he played Hot as You Want that I think I had nothing short of a spiritual experience on the dance floor, but I digress.

Let’s just say that if you were worried that the new album wasn’t up-beat enough to dance to, you were wrong. If you were thinking, maybe I’ll wait to catch Lane 8 at a festival instead, you were also wrong. People are going to the Rise Tour shows with the singular purpose of seeing Lane 8, which guarantees you that the crowd will be into the music and having an all-around good time. What’s more, each song you’ll hear really embodies Lane 8’s characteristic soft-yet-danceable vibe – bringing you just enough bass, with an overlay of the ambient synths that make his style so dreamy. You get to choose which layer/tempo you want to move to, but either way you’ll be leaving happy. I actually left the show wanting to go home and listen to Lane 8, which when you think about it, is really saying something. I guess you can’t expect much less than this from someone with the level of talent of Lane 8, who clearly puts work into each track he produces and definitely does the same for his live sets. So if you’re still on the fence about whether to catch him on the next stop of the tour, hop on off and head to the Rise Tour website to get tickets for a city near you. I can certify that (zombie or not) you will not regret it – I know that I didn’t.

San Francisco that was just too good…playing something brand new here…

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