Who the f*ck is Marshmello??

If you don’t know who Marshmello is, well shit, you must live under a rock… with the rest of us. Arguably the most talked about anon producer in the industry, Marshmello has absolutely exploded. Making a break a few months ago with his (or her?) remix of Jack Ü‘s “Where are Ü Now” track featuring Justin Bieber, Marshmello has been reposted, retweeted, and replayed ever since. With publicity from Skrillex, Zedd, and most notably Diplo & Friends on BBC Radio 1, our mystery Trap artist has come into the spotlight with listeners around the globe this past summer.

Most recently, our anonymous friend has released an original track called “BoUnCE,” which is only fully appreciated with some bass-heavy headphones. The trap beat + harmonic synths make it a fresh, yet familiar sound I personally can’t get enough of. Check it out here:

With thoughts that the face behind the mask is anyone from Skrillex to Jauz to Dotcom, only time will tell. The minute we know, you know. But until then, check out Marshmello‘s hour-long mix on Diplo & Friends below: