Andrew Bayer – Nobody Told Me

In a continued mission to deliver the “classic and lost messages of Trance and Progressive,” Andrew Bayer has officially released the single “Nobody Told Me” this week. And boy does he deliver. It is a fantastic track that you may have even caught a glimpse of last week in Sydney during the massive ABGT150 celebration if you were glued to your screen like I was (or were fortunate enough to be there!).

It has the uplifting melodic fullness of Trance that makes your hair stand on end, with an early 2000s sound that could hold its own in TATW 150 as much as it could in ABGT150. Bayer rips the carpet out from under you with the drop into a raunchy breakdown in the later half, that is really hit or miss depending on your mood. It is most certainly a deviation from his more classic, trance-y sound, like in his latest Do Androids Dream EP, but hell I admire having the balls to experiment and grow as an artist, and introducing bass into the melodic world of Trance. And as a current Bostonian, I can’t help but root for him — after all, he is a graduate of the famed Berklee College of Music here in Beantown.

Check out this track, which is part of his forthcoming EP titled The Anamnesis Trilogy, available now through Beatport.

And don’t forget to check Bayer out while he tours the world. Dates and locations can be found here.