Meet Kap Slap [Artist Spotlight]


It’s your typical foggy San Francisco night: at the heart of the city, the cable cars are no longer running, people are rushing to catch the last muni, and I am waiting outside the Clift hotel for a shoot with Kap Slap. Instead, I meet Jared and his tour squad. He greets me with a hug, and walks shyly with his hands inside his pockets, as we try to find a good location in the middle of a busy street. I first heard Kap Slap about a year ago, scrolling through youtube until I came across his Wake All The Timber Up mashup, and had that on repeat for many, many days. It is just one of those songs that makes you want to put your hands up, sing your lungs out, and shake every muscle in your body. So when we found some good lighting and a dirty alley, Jared comfortably posed for a couple shots, as the rest of his squad enjoyed some bro-time.

New Yorker at heart, Kap Slap started to mess around with tracks while still in his dorm room at Lehigh University. Dominating the college bootleg scene with some killer mashups like Dare to Choose You, Cool Like Kanye, and my personal favorite, Wake All The Timber Up, Kap Slap brings the party to life when he hits the stage. He has an ear that knows what will get people moving, booty shaking, and feeling the party vibes. After gaining recognition with his mashups, Kap Slap now moves on to the next chapter in his career: originals. With the release of his first single Let It All Out feat. Angelika Vee, he is working towards making it in the big dance scene.

Surrounded by the goofiness of five other guys on a Thursday night, I could almost miss the DJ behind the geeky, shy guy with hands in his pockets. The fifteen minutes I spent with Kap Slap not only showed me how down to earth he was, but that sometimes we forget these artists are also regular people. His Kap Slap persona is able to capture the energy in the room, and fill it with with great party vibes. Whether it’s blasting his singles on the radio, or dancing to his tracks at a club on a saturday night, his melodies will find your rager heart, and take residency there. Get a funnel, pour some beer, then add a shot of Bacardi and you’ve got Kap Slap, the fraternity made up drink. Now mix some electro feels, deep vocals and a dance floor, and you got yourself Kap Slap – the perfect soundtrack to your wild spring break party.