Best of 2015: Yula’s Picks


Editor’s note: 2015 is quickly wrapping up and in traditional fashion we’re going to be presenting to you our favorite songs of the past year. This year, however, we’re doing it a little differently. Instead of categorized lists, we’re having each writer contribute his or her personal choices. This will offer true variety and show you just how far across the spectrum we go!

This year has been about really falling in love with electronic music, and diving into genres and artists that probably wouldn’t make it to my ears in previous years. Finding out about tropical house, vomitstep, and some other crazy genres has definitely opened up my mind. So here’s a list of the songs that I couldn’t get over for a long time, the ones that took me by surprise, and the ones that take me back to a trip down memory lane to good moments:


Mashd N Kutcher – No Way Out (feat Shannon Saunders)

I found this Australian duo when a friend shared this video on facebook:

I thought it was so incredible how they took these simple sounds, and turned a boring long flight into a quick edit. After a couple weeks from seeing that video, MNK released their first original song, No Way Out, and I could not get enough of it for days. What I love about these Aussies is that they make their music from the randomest collabs, whether it’s the pizza guy, subway or random people on the street, the rawness of their tracks is impressive. You can check the behind the scenes of the track here.

Zonderling – Crazy For You (feat. Bishøp) 

Never underestimate the power of coming across a good track on Instagram. The unique name already caught my attention, but after listening to this full track, I was amazed. Mixing in progressive elements and soft vocals, the track has a drop so frenzy it’s almost hypnotic.

GTA x TJR – Mic Check

Ah, this track… I can’t count in one hand how many times I’ve worked out to this. Because this track will pump you up and get you going for the long run. I love the mix between GTA’s hip hop-electro house and TJR’s bounce, it’s almost impossible not to move your skeleton to this. Or punch a boxing bag. Your choice.

Galantis – Louder Harder Better 

After being hooked on their Peanut Butter Jelly song, I decided to watch one of their live sets, and this duo has definitely earned a spot on my playlists. When I first heard this song, I just got the feels. The piano chord progression in the beginning is so romantic, and the smooth vocals take you on a trip about love, sex, and all those butterflies when it comes to crushing on someone. Galantis surprised me in how much emotion can be evoked in their tracks, creating a vibe that makes you want to sing from the top of your lungs to the whole world.

GRiZ x Big Gigantic – Good Times Roll

The jazz, funky background of these producers is so insane that the result of their collaboration could be nothing less than a groovy, future funk track filled with soulful singers, sax lines, and even a call and response section between singers and horns. The track is extremely high energy, the perfect funky beat to get down to.

Knife Party – PLUR Police (JAUZ Remix) 

Knife Party’s new EP Trigger Warning is hands down a killer production. The song was created as a parody after attending Ultra Music Festival this year and being let down by all the cheese songs being played. Even though I love the original track, this remix just speaks to my head banging side, with JAUZ’s dubstep approach.

Boaz Van De Beatz – Guappa (feat. RiFF RAFF & Mr. Polska)

Because I love me some killer drops that make me want to put my hands in the air. Enough said.

John Newman – Come and Get It (Tobtok Remix)

If you’re a lover of beachy vibes like I am, this remix is for you. I heard Oliver Nelson play this live, and the room instantly lit up with all the flower shirts, hands in the air, and good vibes floating around. This song just makes me want to be laying on a beach, drinking a piña colada, feeling the sun on my face.

Disclosure – Omen (Dillon Francis Remix) 

After dedicating an entire post on this track, I couldn’t leave it out of my recap list. Dillon Francis kept the original Disclosure vibes, and gave us a remix so intensely groovy, it’s the perfect song to dance to, sing in the shower, or drive along the coast.

SNAILS – Funk With Me ft. Big Gigantic (VIP Edition) 

The original track definitely remains loyal to Big Gigantic’s funky style, but this VIP edition is just an explosion of vomitstep on your face. Leaving the sax lines strictly in the beginning, the new track brings in thumping bass arrangements with a sped up rhythm that will make you go hard.

Major Lazer ft Wild Belle – Be Together (Mashd N Kutcher Remix) 

2015 was a great year for Major Lazer, and even though I’ve been hearing their songs a little too much (on the radio, parties, clothing stores and so on), I still didn’t get over MNK’s remix of Be Together. With a loopy build up, and a groovy drop, the Aussie duo’s presence is vivid. MNK turns it from a chill, sad-romantic song, into a hands-in-the-air, danceable track.

Shaun Frank & KSHMR – Heaven ft. Delaney Jane 

I left a halloween rave with this melody stuck in my head, and was very upset because I probably wouldn’t find the song to it any time soon. Lucky for me, when downloading some gopro videos, I was more than happy to find a video with it. Shaun Frank gave an awesome performance dressed as a pepperoni pizza, and Delaney Jane’s soft vocals were looping in my brain. With an emotional piano intro that slowly leads to a tropical infused drop, the melody captures deep and future house elements, hooking you from start to end.

Strange Talk – Painted in Gold (Robotaki Remix)

At first, I thought this track was too slow for my taste. With a chill, tropical intro, I wasn’t paying much attention to it, until the drop came and completely sucked me in. The bass and synths used in the track create this mindblowing, slow, groovy drop that will make you listen to it over and over again.