Savoy Crank It Up With The ‘1000 Years’ EP

savoy 1000 years

When I heard the opening track “Pump It Up” off Savoy‘s new 1000 Years EP, I was pretty blown away. Here’s this Brooklyn-based trio who have come up over the years but somehow still managed to float under the radar – in a good way. My most recent memory of Savoy comes just over a year ago, seeing them live at San Francisco’s Independent for a live set that was unlike anything I had ever seen. I had caught the boys a couple years prior in Boston at a small venue called the Middle East, where a DJ set was performed, but the show last year at the Independent was on a whole different level. I’m talking full-band instrumentation with the power and insanity of a Nero or Skrillex set. There was bass, there were wobbles, and you bet your ass there were lasers.

I wanted to paint that picture because from my perspective Savoy have matured in a way that really makes you appreciate Electronic/Dance music. You can look at Savoy the same way you can look at the genre as a whole – evolving from its House music beginnings to its current rock star status, with Savoy going from an underground Dubstep group to a polished full-feature sound. Though just four tracks deep, the 1000 Years EP spans many different sounds.

As I said above, “Pump It Up” really starts things off with a bang. I hate to draw a comparison, but the song reminds me of recent Nero sounds which should without a doubt be taken as a compliment. It’s hard-hitting, fun, and uses some sounds we don’t hear every day in Electronic music. I should also mention the production value of ALL the tracks is very high. “Your Time” is more of a Rock-Step track, if that makes sense, and “Let You Let Me” is a melodic Dubstep/Drum n’ Bass track that might be considered the relative ballad of the EP. Lastly, we’re treated to an absolute gem called “Love Is Killing Me” featuring the legendary Chali 2na (of Jurassic Five). Great to see Chali 2na continuing to collaborate with folks in the electronic world, as he CRUSHED it live with The Funk Hunters, who have some similarities in sound.

Overall, the new EP really shows how far Savoy have come, and where they continue to grow. We’ve covered them over the years and this much is evident: they aren’t slowing down. On a personal level I loved “Pump It Up” and “Love Is Killing Me”, where the other two tracks I could take or leave. Definitely get to a live Savoy set as they absolutely kill it!