Holy Ship’s 5th Sailing Set To Be Its Biggest Yet [Pre-Party & Cruise Preview]


Holy Ship, now approaching its fifth year, is a floating music festival that needs no introduction. Four years ago when I saw a recap video of the maiden voyage, I immediately said to myself “how the hell did I miss this?!” Every year since I have been a proud member of #Shipfam: the almost cult-like family of Holy Shippers who have or will sail on the MSC Divina at some point in their lives. As of 2015’s sailing, the cruise expanded to two ships – one sailing in January and the other sailing in February. This opened up for many more people to attend, and for many more artists to showcase their unique sounds. At time of publishing, we are less than two weeks away from the first 2016 sailing, which embarks on January 3rd from Miami, Florida. Though this will be my fourth year sailing, I’m just as excited as the first year I attended.

As any reader of MMIBTY or friends close to us know, Holy Ship has been talked and written about ad nauseam (check our archives HERE) – it’s such a fun and unique event that it’s hard not to. And during the 362 days a year when Holy Ship isn’t happening, folks who have attended the event are forming strong bonds with each other over the memories and the anticipation of the next sailing.

So, I’m not here to break any crazy news, or to tell you something you don’t already know. Fact of the matter is, if you’ve been on Holy Ship you already know it’s something any dance music fan needs to experience in his or her lifetime, and if you haven’t then you should be doing everything you can to join as soon as possible.

Both lineups for this year are as stacked as ever. Personally speaking, the lineup of February is more appealing to me, though the friends I’ve made on January will remain there and that’s what I’m excited about more than which DJs are playing – because hey, you can’t go wrong.

Here are my Top-10 Artists to watch on January’s sailing:

  1. Dillon Francis – he just hosted his own weekend-long festival in Los Angeles and remains at the top of the game. His sets and productions continue to evolve and while both span genres, they always pack a punch. DF is a Holy Ship OG (first sailing), and a member of #Shipfam for life
  2. Kaskade – He was the special guest on the February sailing this past year and a complete veteran of the dance music game. I’m looking forward to his main stage set and hopefully a redux set late at night in the disco
  3. Odesza – live instrumentation is rare on Holy Ship. These guys are crushing it right now and they crushed it last year. More of that please.
  4. GRiZ – really no explanation needed. Have you seen this dude live? When Knife Party praise you for closing a set with “Hakuna Matata” you’re doing something right.
  5. Gorgon City – their live set at Treasure Island Music Festival was fantastic but nothing beats a grimy UK House set aboard Holy Ship
  6. Skream – are you ready for some disco?
  7. Bones – lots of blog love for this homie. Guaranteed fun and a good overall bloke.
  8. GTA – turn the fuck up.
  9. Brodinski – really knows how to bring a peak our set over the speakers with a unique sound. The French do it pretty damn well.
  10. Destructo – he’s the fucking HARDFather. Let’s get a sunrise sermon set please.

To the artists I didn’t name, well you’re going to kill it as well. The Justin Martins, MKs, Tommy Trashs, AC Slaters of the world – I’m pumped for you as well, don’t you worry. This year is going to be the best yet!

AND whether you’re attending Holy Ship or if you’re just going to be in Miami on January 2nd, don’t sleep on the pre-party going down at Space. These are a fantastic way to see friends old and new going on the ship and to hear some great music before we sail away the next day. In its second year at Space, the pre-party will feature both DJs from the boat and ones from Shipfam who have started making a name for themselves. Tickets are available here.

SEE EVERYONE SOON and enjoy the TeamSupreme playlist below!

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