MMIBTY Radio 004 Featuring The Polish Prod.

polish_prod_leisure_croppedHey MMIBTY Fam!

We are very proud to announce the next installment of the MMIBTY Radio Show featuring a very promising up and coming artist by the name of The Polish Prod. The LA based producer The Polish Prod. has had an extremely promising year and what better way to end it with an exclusive mix from the kid himself. This months MMIBTY Radio is a heavy one for sure, The Polish Prod. did some heavy digging for us to provide some incredible A1 content. A very funky style of music that will satisfy all kinds of musical needs. Ranging from funk to heavy bangers, MMIBTY Radio 004 is an edge of your seat mix till the very end. For a little teaser into the world of The Polish Prod. I have linked his soundcloud page, which you can find below, to understand what you are about to get yourselves into. So please, prepare yourself, because once we release the radio show, THIS FRIDAY (1/1/16), your life may never be the same.

                                                  BE SURE TO PEEP GAME BELOW