Pillowtalk or Pillowfight? Fon.Leman Prefers Both

It’s a wonder Russian producer Fon.Leman isn’t more popular than he is. Trust me, this isn’t the first time I’ve written about him and my amazement at both how good his productions are and how small is following is. Having first heard a Fon.Leman remix on an episode of Trance Around the World, Above & Beyond’s former Podcast series, I was blown away by this unique and driving sound that combined the melodies of Trance with the banging rhythm of peak-hour House music (listen to the remix of “Bombay” HERE). I’ve kept Fon.Leman on my radar ever since, hearing productions that were of the highest value and remaining utterly unique. On top of that, Fon.Leman releases regular mixes that span the realms of Deep House, G-House, Progressive, and Trance. But today I’m hear to cover his latest releases: “Pillowtalk” and “Pillowfight” out now on the Russian imprint TesseracT.

As you might expect from the contrast in names, “Pillowtalk” is the lighter track and “Pillowfight” has more bite to it – almost like Wolfgang Gartner sometimes does with his 2-song EP releases (“Girl on Girl” vs. “Girl on Boy” for example). “Pillowtalk” is a sleek track – perfect for lounges or warm-up sets before peak hours hit. It’s got a deep and melodic structure, with a fantastic heavy bass undertone. “Pillowfight”, however, cranks things up a notch with a fat slap bass line, almost as if “Pillowtalk” needed a turn-up version and this was it. Both songs are quite funky, though they do loop for quite a bit, so DJs while you may want to spin these, maybe not the entire songs.

Enjoy – and if you like what you hear give the man a follow!