Saison Brings The Funk With “Do You”

Saison Do You

Little bit o’ music discovery today thanks to the best Russian producer/DJ no one’s ever heard of: Fon.Leman. If you’re not familiar with Fon.Leman, I originally heard his remix of “Bombay” by Cramp on Above & Beyond’s podcast years ago. His sound was more Trance/Progressive and these days Fon.Leman drops Deep House and groovy bangers on his podcasts, which help inspire his productions. But it’s sad that Fon.Leman’s following hasn’t grown much.

I digress… On Fon.Leman’s most recent episode of Dimension & Perception (#37), he plays a track by a guy named Saison called “Do You”. First and foremost, I love a good saison so immediately that spoke to me. More importantly, I recognized the vocal sample from the Hoxton Whores remix of “Remember Me”, originally by Blue Boy. Saison’s original “Do You” is soul and funk at its core and really rubbed me the right way. It sounds like something Claptone would play (or even produce himself) and I can already imagine the smiling faces dancing to it on the dance floors. The vocal is from the 1973 song “Woman of the Ghetto” by Marlena Shaw, which is an understandably popular vocal sample in many electronic/dance songs.

Looking further into who Saison is, I came up empty. But the record label that released this track is called Guesthouse Music based right here in San Francisco. Needless to say, I’ll be scouring their releases for more awesomeness because this one has my head boppin pretty hard.