MMIBTY Interview With Destructo

Hey MMIBTY Family!

Hope you all are enjoying the Ship 2 Ship tour because we sure are! As insanity ensued over the past month with the likes of Destructo, Justin Martin and REZZ we realize what an amazing run this tour has held and start to look forward to the next sailing of Holy Ship!. Before Gary Richards, AKA Destructo can set his sails free once again, he has provided us with an amazing interview that sheds light on how he rose to stardom and took control of his own destiny.


MMIBTY: MyMusicIsBetterThanYours
D: Destructo

MMIBTY: What is the origin of Destructo?
D: When I first started DJing I was pretty reckless, pretty aggressive and I used to break stuff. I’ve had that name from the early 90’s and it represented my personality when I was a young teenager. I used to play really heavy techno and the name just kind of stuck.
MMIBTY: Favorite food on tour?
D: Anything healthy, I usually get an egg white omelette no butter no oil. You have to have a game plan, you can’t just be a mess.
MMIBTY: You have a new single out called, “4Real” featuring Ty Dolla $ign and ILoveMakonnen, How was it working with the two of them?
D: It was incredible. It’s the second song I’ve done with Ty Dolla, he’s an incredible musician and vocalist. It’s my first time working with Makkonnen, but he gave us some really fun, cool lines his verses are sick and he’s a really great guy. They really get what I’m trying to do, they get electronic music. Some other vocalists don’t understand house music, but these guys are all in and totally down with what we’re doing. I’m just getting to know them more, it’s great and I hope to do more stuff with them.
MMIBTY: I saw the preview of the song, “4 Real” on Holy Ship, looked pretty sweet.
D: We shot the video (for Holy Ship) and they came to the video shoot, and they were like, “can we go on the boat?” and I said why don’t you guys come and perform. 
MMIBTY: Since we are on the topic of new releases, are we to expect anything from you in the near future?
D: I’m going to have a new EP coming out in the next couple months, a new tune I’m working on with Pusha T and I also have one with Problem. I’m just trying to finish up the last 2 or thee songs and the new EP in the spring.
MMIBTY: Any tips on the up and coming?
D: REZZ is dope, she’s on tour with us. Wax Motif, he’s awesome. This new kid Drezo, he’s coming out tonight. There’s tons of new stuff, always new music brewing.
MMIBTY: How has the creation of HARD affected your career?
D: It’s turned it upside-down. HARD really kicked everything off. For me, I always loved to make music and DJ, but it was kind of hard when you don’t have a platform. So, I felt like I had to create this brand so that I could put myself into the mix because nobody was helping me. I always tell the story like I was on the basketball team sitting on the bench for ten years, and finally I just had to put myself in the game because nobody comes and says hey, lemme hook you up. So with HARD, I had to build it from the ground up and work my way up. 
MMIBTY: Biggest mistake in your career and how did you fix it?
D: Theres been so many that I could think of, but they’re all part of the plan. When things are going well its very easy to just ride it, but it’s when things go bad how do you react and how do you deal with those mistakes. The key is trying not to make the same mistakes twice. Everyday I learn more, and try to improve on the music, DJing, the events, just everything that we do.
MMIBTY: How does your adolescence affect the music you create today?
D: When I was young I liked Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Kiss, the classics.
I always say I feel like I have the musical taste of a 15-year-old kid. I like music with energy, I like music that makes you feel something. Something that’s not passive, that’s in your face, and its affected my whole life since day one. Music has always played a part in how I spend my day, everyday.
MMIBTY: If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently?
D: Nothing. I mean, It’s not over yet. I think everything has happened for a reason, it really took a long time for me to be recognized as someone who is a taste maker. I’ve done the same thing everyday for the past 20 years, and maybe in the last 5 people have paid attention. So, if it could have happened earlier it would have been nicer, but the fact that it took so long to happen it makes me appreciate it more and i feel like everything is just part of the plan. So it’s all good.

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