MMIBTY Show Review Featuring Stööki Sound & Oshi

Greetings MMIBTY Fam!

This past Friday, (3.25.16), one of our writers had the amazing opportunity to catch the likes of Oshi and the legendary duo, Stooki Sound, shake walls during their sets at the legendary showcase, Control at Avalon Hollywood in Los Angeles, California.

The London-based duo, DJ Lukey and Jelacee AKA, Stööki Sound has established their career on pushing the musical boundaries within bass music. In the early stages of their careers, they collaborated with incredible Mozart-like producer like Mr.Carmack and one of the UK’s finest, Hucci to create “Uppers” as well as “Ball So Hard,” a couple of the Trap scenes hardest hitting bangers out today. In the in years past Stööki Sound have held tours all around the world, satisfying the needs of their worldwide fan base. The world renown duo have provided successful headlining’s within the U.S., touring with one of the worlds best electronic artists, Dillon Francis in the U.K. and selling out 100% of their shows in Australia. They are now striving to complete a world tour within the year, the two of them are more focused than ever and nothing can stop the Stööki Movement.
ControlFridaysStookiSound-WebSizedJPGs-024The moment DJ Lukey and Jelacee stepped up to the decks at Avalon, their blood-boiling 808’s could be heard all the way to Long Beach. The bass started hitting, the drinks started flowing, the ladies started twerking and everyone was turnt way the fuck up. The energy at Avalon was incredible, not to mention the stage presence of Stööki Sound. The link between DJ Lukey and Jelacee is something that is taken for granted in most life times, but once the two legends take their turns behind the decks insanity is sure to ensue. Once everyone started getting down, Stööki threw some curve balls and got the crowd rowdy as fuck by bringing out a handfull of secret guests including Boogie, Outlaw, Vgo, and Marky D. Together this legendary crew brought it down with lyrical genius and completely wrecked the audiences mind. It was by far one of the best Control LA shows that we have seen in a while, thank the bass gods we were blessed with such an amazing night of insanity.

Don’t forget to sweeten that musical library by checking out Stööki Sounds soundcloud profile below. Smash that like, share and hit that download button to support the Stooki movement.

The Young Gun, Joshua Brennan is only 17 years old, but he is taking the world by storm under his appellation, Oshi. Coming straight out of London, the Co-Founder of Film Noir, Oshi stays producing a consistent quality of music that has been very obvious for the better part of a year now, and in his LA debut things are starting to look very promising for the youngster.
Joshua has built quite a strong reputation for himself with his signature sound, jazz influence, banging sub lines, and his classic “Oshi” tag line, he is taking the world by storm with his band of producers to ensure total music domination. To ignite his 2016, Joshua flipped one of Kali Uchis’ reggae tunes “Ridin Round” into an absolute masterpiece that caught the attention of one of pop music’s stars, Lorde. This provides us with reason to believe that Oshi is about to show us some promising achievements in the near future. So be sure to check out Oshi’s soundcloud below and smash that follow button.