Presents EDX – No Xcuses Episode 265 [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Our friend EDX is back at it again with his weekly podcast series “No Xcuses”. We’re proud to present episode 265 and the mix further verifies EDX is one of the hottest DJs and producers in the game, as he’s been for years. We’ve presented a couple “No Xcuses” episodes in the past and the quality of these hour-long mixes continues to be through the roof. Episode 159 kept the energy up all the way through, with many songs pulled from the main stream dance world and Episode 191 hangs out in the world of Electro-House, which I still adore.

But these days, EDX has taken his sound to a whole new level and I can’t say enough good things about it. Though I will say I spent some time on EDX’s Pandora station today (yes, I still use Pandora) and his classic melodic tunes from back in the day really hit the right spot. But if you’ve heard EDX’s recent podcast episodes and/or his latest releases, you know he’s gotten into this deeper and funkier sound that I absolutely adore.

Having recently seen EDX at San Francisco’s Ruby Skye, it’s clear that EDX attracts fans to come out and party from all around the world – and he continues to be a premier name in dance music. The show also featured Nora En Pure, Croatia Squad, and Antonio Giacca – but it’s clear that EDX was the main event, as confetti rained down during his song “Missing” (featuring Mingue).

A lot of the songs you’ll hear in episode 265 you probably won’t recognize but I guarantee you’ll enjoy. And that’s what so great about EDX releasing weekly mixes – he’s ahead of the curve. You can expect some deep, some funky, and some soulful in this mix, with work by guys like Ferreck Dawn, Robbie Rivera, Don Diablo, and Federico Scavo. There’s also a righteous remix of EDX’s track “Missing” featured in this set.

Overall, EDX continues to evolve his game and that is the way to remain at the forefront of dance music. Follow EDX on SoundCloud and iTunes for weekly releases and more fantastic music!