Fono & Durante Have the “NRG”

Fono is a forward-thinking House producer from Brighton, UK. Durante is one of the best-kept secrets in House music… and together they’ve created an absolute gem in “NRG”. I’m not as familiar with Fono as I am with Durante, who was formerly an intern for Skrillex at OWSLA, but this collab certainly has grabbed my attention. I shall be digging deeper into Fono.

When I first discovered Durante he was producing slower-BPM disco and funk tracks that reminded me of Oliver. In listening to Durante’s more-recent productions and mixes, it’s clear he’s evolved into more of a Tech sound, but still has something fresh and unique.

“NRG” has those funky synth sounds that remind me of Alex Metric’s “Rave Weapon” which probably makes sense as it was released on OWSLA a few years back. But this new side of Durante, which is prevalent in “NRG” has highly syncopated rhythms built into its melodies and that’s that shit I like.

“NRG” is revealed as part of Fono’s forthcoming 5-track EP called Kinetic, which drops at the end of this month. Make sure to give both artists props and pick up the EP when it drops!