Loco Dice – Keep It Low (Jimmy Edgar Remix)

This week on “Treasure Fingers showed me another dope track thanks to his new podcast”, I bring you forward-thinking Techno stud Jimmy Edgar and his remix of “Keep It Low” by another Techno legend: Loco Dice. Compared to last week’s track “4000Hz” remixed by Gully Goose, this one is a little more minimal and a little more Techno, but if you’ve got the bass cranked you’ll thank me for bringing this to your attention.

It’s hard for me to describe Jimmy Edgar’s sound, but I often find myself using the phrase “handclap Techno” to do so. Jimmy Edgar’s remix of “Keep It Low” slows the beat down a tad, and adds more of an edge to the track. The chopped-and-screwed vocals remain in tact and we get some tom-tom sounding percussion hits acting as the driving force in the song.

Whichever version you prefer, they’re both down below. Highly recommend you check out Jimmy Edgar if his name is new to you. The kid has some great tracks (perhaps you’ve heard his remix of “Whip”)