Jaded – 4000Hz (Gully Goose Remix) [Must-Hear Ass Shaking Track!]

Coming into the start of this week I had no idea who Jaded were. Thanks to one of my favorite producer/DJs Treasure Fingers, I now do. Jaded appear to be a trio out of the UK who have this monster track “4000Hz” on their hands, with a fantastic video and primetime remixes to go along with it. My man Treasure Fingers re-launched his podcast series recently, with episode 001 featuring the Gully Goose remix of “4000Hz”.

If you think I have no idea who Jaded are, then I certainly have no idea who Gully Goose is. But whoever the mysterious producer is, he/she/it has done some incredible work on the “4000Hz” remix. This one WILL make your ass shake with a grimy House beat that is sure to rock dance floors and keeps the infectious vocal hook intact (almost sounds like Fergie, no?)

Check out the remix, music video, podcast, and even Will Clarke’s acid remix below!