Ardalan’s ‘All Night Long’ EP Is His Funkiest Yet

When I put out my first record on dirtybird, I looked up to Ardalan like my big bro. We were the young guns holding it down on the label. We played lots of shows together, ended up at lots of janky afterparties together and definitely laughed a lot together… he’s one of the funniest dudes I know.

Really grateful to be putting these tracks out. They’re funky, intelligent, bangers. These tracks have been tried and tested by everyone from Justin Martin to Shadow Child (All Night Long has been an anthem among the Dirtybird crew this year). So stoked for these songs to have found a home here on Fantastic Voyage.


-Justin Jay

Living here in San Francisco is a privilege. Not just because we have historic landmarks, beautiful weather, and beautiful people – but also because we have a thriving music scene. A huge part of that is thanks to Dirtybird and though I feel like I talk about the label and collective ad nauseam there’s always something fresh to report on.

Enter today’s release by Ardalan, a three-track EP called All Night Long. Ardalan impresses by keeping his own sound with an overarching Dirtybird vibe. Having heard countless records by Ardalan I can say with confidence this is easily his funkiest release yet – and I couldn’t be more stoked. On a personal level I look for tracks that have a driving House beat yet contain some element of funk. These are great to listen to on personal time or to spin live at a club – either way bodies be moving!

Highly recommend you stream, like, and BUY this collection (it’s only $3 from Bandcamp). Make sure to show Ardy some love because he deserves it!