Amine Edge & DANCE are a ‘Bad Influence’

Amine Edge & DANCE, to me, are the pioneers of G-House. These French studs were introduced to me years ago and their sound was new and fresh – a combination of House Music and Hip-Hop. Depending on who you ask G-House stands for “Gangsta House” or “Ghetto House”. Whatever you want to call it, it was badass and Amine Edge & DANCE were leading the charge of this movement.

The years went on, Amine Edge & Dance were crushing it – even starting their own label CUFF – and before I knew it there were a slew of artists all over the world putting out this speaker-rattling music. Recently, however, it seems like Amine Edge & DANCE have been taking a “been there, done that” stance with the type of music they were producing and spinning live. At least that’s my perspective. I noticed a gradual move away from G-House and over towards more traditional jackin’ House and Tech-House. Which I’m totally okay with, but not what I had come to admire the boys for.

Last week’s release of the “Bad Influence” featuring SerGy confirms my observation. The ‘Bad Influence’ EP is a two-song release featuring a “Yin” version and a “Yang” version of the track. The “Yin” version is an absolute heater that has strong Techno undertones. But what makes it unique is the vocals by SerGy as they are smooth and sultry – and you don’t often find that in Techno. The one thing I’ll say, however, is the phone ring sound found throughout the track is a bit annoying.

On the “Yang” side we get something a bit darker and a bit grimier, perhaps better suited for late night warehouse parties and massive speaker systems. I’m more of a fan of the “Yin” mix but it’s hard to argue with the uplifting breaks and hard-hitting synths of the “Yang” mix.

The ‘Bad Influence’ EP will be followed up by a forthcoming remix package featuring notable talent including Jesse Perez, Robert James, Tripmastaz and Lazaro Casanova and is set to build on the French duo’s success.

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