Justin Jay & Fantastic Voyage Crew – Live @ Dirtybird Campout

Well there are some live sets that truly just need no introduction, and when we found out Justin Jay and his Fantastic Voyage Crew was scheduled for a two hour time slot at last years Dirtybird Campout we truly had no idea what to expect. However as alway with Justin and his friends we were as pleasantly surprised as ever! This mix begins with some unexpected tunes for sure but sets the mood for an awesome build into some super fun live collabo with the crew, including some super fun horns and percussion. JJ then dips into some smooth jazz and real funky disco for a bit only to bring it back with an absolute heater at the 39 min mark (if anyone can ID this one email me at [email protected])! From there on out Justin and the guys really kept things moving and whipped the campout crowd into an absolute frenzy. With all that said, thank you for releasing this one JJ, and once again a huge thanks goes out to the Dirtybird team, along with the Do LaB team and everyone else that makes the best summer camp on earth possible, see ya in a couple months you Dirtybirds!