Torren Foot Released the “LØVE ME” Remixes… and They’re Fire

Torren Foot has been on my radar since he dropped his G-House jam “Rondo [Jump to This]” back in 2012. This was a song I had on constant rotation and frequently played in my DJ sets. Since that time Torren Foot has been working on polishing his sound and in my opinion has kept the G-House spirit intact while getting a little darker and a little grimier. A couple years later, in 2014 when “Bugatti” was all over DJs’ playlists, Torren Foot dropped his own bootleg of the tune and it went off.

I’ve been making sure to check in on Torren Foot every now and then as the up-and-coming Aussie continues to make a name for himself. This Spring he released his latest track “LØVE ME” and last week the remix package dropped featuring work by NuKid, Hood Rich, Avon Stringer (The Wire reference???), and LNDN. I was initially drawn in by the Avon Stringer remix as it has that pumping Tech-House beat I love complete with the infectious vocals of the original track. Upon listening further, the NuKid and Hood Rich remixes go hard as a motherfucker with some serious G-House grime. LNDN slows it down to 96BPM and brings “LØVE ME”toward a swooning baby-making vibe.

If you like these tracks as much as I do download them now and show the artists some love!

I present, the LØVE ME Remixes ?

I’ve selected four of my favourite artists. Each very different stylistically, and each of which took the record to a completely different place. The pack features mixes from NuKid, Hood Rich, Avon Stringer & L N D N.

I hope you LØVE these remixes as much as I do

-Torren Foot