Have You Hugged Your Bro Today?

Well I am still trying to figure out exactly where the Swedish powerhouse production and DJ trio Brohug just appeared from, but either way I am 100% sold on their self proclaimed genre ‘Brohouse’. With the goal of Brohug seemingly being to bring house music to todays debatably misguided youth there is no doubt the guys have taken on quite the challenge. However by creating house tracks ready for the biggest stages in the world the Swedes truly seem to be onto something with their massive arena style builds leading into more traditional yet truly huge house drops. I will say as I listen more and more to their newer stuff I am really starting to hear more and more of the traditional house influence, the trios newest track If I’m Wrong is definitely my favorite yet and I think that is mostly attributed to the classic house style vocals and keys that dominant the intro followed by one big old heater of a drop. Catch the track below and be sure to check out all the rest of the Brohouse available on their Soundcloud!