GRiZ Shines in San Francisco On His “Good Will Continue” Tour

You know how there are people out there who pride themselves on how many times they’ve seen a particular artist perform? This is common among Phish fans, Dave Matthews Band fans, Grateful Dead Fans, and even Bassnectar fans. While I don’t typically consider myself one of those people, the amount of times I’ve seen GRiZ over the past few years is certainly adding up.

This past Saturday I attended the GRiZ show at the Warfield in San Francisco, a multi-level concert venue that brings some of the biggest names in music to the Bay Area. This was the second night of a two-night stop in San Francisco as part of GRiZ’s “Good Will Continue” tour. While I couldn’t tell you the exact amount of times I’ve seen GRiZ over the past few years, I can tell you the sample size is large enough to comment on his ability to consistently deliver epic performances time and time again.

I’ve seen GRiZ play pop-up DJ sets either by himself or with friends, I’ve seen his intimate concerts while on tour, and I’ve seen him play headlining spots at major music festivals. It doesn’t matter the situation because GRiZ runs off his love for music and feeds off the energy his fans provide.

Last month GRiZ laid down possibly the most awesome two-night run of his young career, by headlining two sold-out shows at Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheater. Because those shows were so good, and probably couldn’t be matched, I almost didn’t want to see GRiZ again in San Francisco – but because they were so good I knew I couldn’t miss him when he came back around again.

GRiZ’s set in San Francisco, accompanied by long-time friend and guitarist Muzzy Bearr, was a party. I’ll admit the first half of the show contained more of GRiZ’s “mellow” songs than I was hoping (you know the ones, think Chasing The Golden Hour), but they highlighted his range and stellar saxophone skills. As I’ve seen before, GRiZ would play one of his crowd favorites or more hyphy songs followed by something that was a bit more slowed down and offered the feels. Very much an up-and-down set list.

The second half of the show was worth waiting for as we were treated to some Trap favorites that the diehard bass heads have come to love from GRiZ. Epic bass lines and devastating drops made everyone go wild. And weaved throughout we got some throwbacks, sing-a-longs, and, well, Michael Jackson. I was even pleasantly surprised to hear some Major Lazer at one point.

The visuals were on par with what I saw at Red Rocks – excellent animated videos and photos as a backdrop to the stellar music we heard. GRiZ and Muzzy Bearr were both stationed at their respective podiums which were also used at the Red Rocks shows. From time to time GRiZ and Muzzy Bearr would climb a few stairs to elevate themselves on the stage. GRiZ even jumped down to the crowd to show them some love in return for the love they’ve been showing him over the years.

The best part about the show, in my opinion, is that GRiZ was donating all proceeds from the merch store to benefit those who were affected by the Northern California Wildfires, which devastated the Bay Area the week leading up to the show.

GRiZ is a one-of-a-kind artist who continues to flourish and take his game to new heights. Whether you’ve seen him before or you’ve been waiting for your chance, you absolutely must see him when he comes to a city near you!