PAINT Shows True Colors With Their Exodus E.P on 20/20 LDN

Greetings MMIBTY Family!

We have a personal favorite and one of the most insane releases for you from the gnarliest up-and-coming underground duo in the west coast bass scene right now, PAINT, AKA (Tsuruda + Huxley Anne)

This progressive duo was developed in 2016 by the seasoned beat-smith Tsuruda & the cutting-edge, boundary-exceeding artist Huxley Anne. PAINT has incorporated aspects of individual textures, sound design and distinctive creativity by pushing the digital and analog limits of sound design equipment used today. This style they have curated draws largely from abstract hip-hop, atmospheric jazz, heavily distorted bass and grime influences. This unites these specific elements into a seamlessly painted sound scape that manipulates the modern sea of electronic music.

Following the release of their infamous Blood EP in January 2016, PAINT splattered onto the West Coast bass scene with support from some of the most renown bass artists today; such as G-Jones, SHADES and Eprom while also simultaneously gaining some massive support from the legendary European group Noisia, Feed Me, and even from the likes of Ivy Lab. Since their release on 20/20 LDN, PAINT continues to explore an infinite field of emotion imagination and sound design unheard up in the world today.

Wrapping up to date here, If you are really itching to see the duo play, you have the chance to see PAINT this Friday (10/13/17) on support for Bassrush Presents: Bleep Bloop at the legendary Belasco Basement Theater here in downtown Los Angeles. Tickets are still available for the time being but be sure to snag one soon because they are bound to sell out!

Your Can Purchase tickets for Bassrush presents Bleep Bloop at the legendary Belasco Basement *HERE* And for the mean time here is aBleep Bloop track you can jam out to to get ready for the insanity tomorrow

With all of this said, shared below is a quote from the duo, Tsuruda and Huxley Anne, in which they have shared graced us and shared personal information regarding their new EP.


“This EP is an intellectual apex for us, seeking to defy genres from within their technical and stylistic constructs. By combining sound design techniques from European bass music with the rebellious energy of the LA beat scene, we’ve entered a musical landscape that is not yet defined. The EP’s title, Exodus, represents our departure from genre-based music, opening up a new environment where sound design, aesthetic, synthesis, and culture have become modular tools for exploring the future of electronic production.”

– Tsuruda & Huxley Anne