Willaa – The Yeah Baby EP [House x Techno!]

One of my absolute favorite parts about managing a music blog is that from time to time I get to share work created by my friends. I’m really excited about today’s post because it comes from my good friend William Newton aka Willaa. I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the decks with Willaa here in San Francisco and his energy is infectious. He’s always dancing around with a smile on his face and in the company of good people.

I was surprised and impressed when out of nowhere Willaa announced that he’d be dropping his first EP on Admit One Records, a local Bay Area label and event producer. Knowing Willaa’s similar taste in music (read: stellar taste in music), and his drive to begin producing his own music, I was immediately interested in what he put together.

The two-song EP called Yeah Baby (shoutout Austin Powers?) has two very different sides to it. The title track reminds me of something Mark Knight might produce if he’s summoning his golden age of House stylings. It’s a little disco, it’s a little House, and it’s meant for peak-hour clubbing.

The B-side called “Get Down” is right up my alley with an edgy chopped-and-screwed vocal hook that plays right before the drop. “Get Down” is more Tech-House than “Yeah Baby” but still could absolutely be played during peak-hour or perhaps at the after party at the warehouse down the street.

Extremely strong debut by Willaa and you can bet your ass I’m going to be looking out for the next release!