Elvice, Fantom Freq, and Magda Halina want to get you MOIST [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Moist. It’s a word that makes many people cringe. And yet here I am today to bring you pleasure with a brand new track called “Moist” that’s set to drop this Thursday as a free download. The guilty parties? Friend of the blog Fantom Freq alongside Elvice featuring vocals by Magda Halina

“Moist” is a few things. First, it’s true to it’s name – it’ll get you wet. Second, it’s grimy as fuck. Third – did I mention it will induce wetness? You got it right! Fantom Freq and Elvice have put their signature Bass House stamp on this track with absolutely sexy vocal hooks performed by Magda Halina. Now even though we’re only teased by one minute of this track, there’s no doubt it’s going to drive dance floors berserk.

You can grab the track as a free download this Thursday on Mix Feed which is a huge deal given its 325K followers. Speaking of followers, Fantom Freq is approaching his 1,000 follower milestone on SoundCloud. MAKE SURE TO GIVE HIM A FOLLOW TO HIT THAT NUMBER! And of course if you like what you hear show the artists some loooove.

Elvice & Fantom Freq ft. Magda Halina – Moist