The Top 5 Acts To See At Splash House This Weekend

I’m a little worried about the sheer amount of partying that’s due to happen this weekend in Palm Springs for what will be my first foray into Splash House. I’ve been a long-time observer of this destination festival, now in its seventh year, and thanks to my relocation to Southern California I’ve never been in a better position to boogie in the desert.

For me, the attraction to Splash House is first and foremost the lineup. Every year, both in June and August Splash House seems to boast a fantastic and eclectic mix of dance music’s best acts – many of whom you’ve heard of and some who are rising stars. Spread that lineup across three hotel resorts and add after parties and pre-parties and you have yourself one hell of a weekend.

Though it’s just a weekend it seems like there’s so much going on so I want to focus on my personal top-5 acts that I want to see and I think you should too.

In no particular order…

  1. DJ Susan – I’m incredibly biased in listing Steven Glathe as a top pick for this weekend. Yes DJ Susan is a man and he may be THE MAN after spending some time with him, seeing his DJ sets, and hearing the music he’s putting out as label boss of Hood Politics. If there’s one adjective I can use to describe Susie’s sets it’s ENERGY. This guy brings the heat and rocks Tech-House bangers all day long. He’ll be getting things started at the Renaissance Saturday and playing the closing party Sunday night at Copa Nightclub.
  2. Justice – Oh man, what history I have with these guys. They really need no introduction given their global success as producers. But having seen this French duo in night clubs, aboard Holy Ship, and on the main stage of music festivals like the now-defunct Wave Front, they can throw down a set of epic proportions. A DJ set means they have more freedom to play all kinds of music and I’m hoping we’ll hear some classics mixed with music they’ve been working on in recent years.
  3. Offaiah – This one’s for straight curiosity. It seems he can’t miss when it comes to producing music – I haven’t heard a track by him I didn’t like. But what’s he like as a DJ? That’s what I hope to find out. Ever since Offaiah mysteriously stormed onto the scene with his hit “Trouble” back in 2016 his identity has remained ambiguous but his tracks have remained in heavy rotation. What you got Offaiah?!
  4. Illyus & Barrientos – Toolroom Records, run by boss man Mark Knight, is one of my favorite labels out there. Toolroom’s weekly podcast is among my favorite radio shows. As one of the few Toolroom artists represented at Splash House, I absolutely have to go see Illyus & Barrientos this weekend. They are my exact sound – perfect four on the floor beats with fantastic use of vocals and melodies to create the quintessential pool party vibe. I have a bunch of their tracks on rotation and my curiosity having never seen them will pique this weekend.
  5. AC Slater – I gotta give this last spot to my man Aaron. He’s a down to earth dude and has curated such an amazing label and sound with Night Bass. AC Slater himself has produced banger after banger over the years and he’s also broke out many successful artists underneath him. AC Slater’s sets are ratchet in only the best ways and I’m excited to see all those booties shaking for his set on Sunday to close out the Saguaro.

Well, there you have it! I’m excited for my first trip to Splash House and to see what all the fuss is about. If you see me out there don’t be a stranger.