Artist Spotlight: Jordy Lishious Brings You Dope & Dirty Sounds

GBallz here, with my first ever post to MMIBTY. I couldn’t be more excited to bring you one of my new favorite producers, Jordy van Oostveen, aka Jordy Lishious. Let me start off by saying bravo on the name. He basically turned an adjective (“that song is Jordy-Lishious!”) into a stage name and it works perfectly. This 26-year-old hails from the Netherlands and his style is pretty tasty. He doesn’t quite produce arena bangers, but his brand of Minimal House or Tech-House isn’t exactly something to put you to sleep.

Jordy Lishious has got his own Podcast through Every month he has been providing a mix of his finest, hand-selected tunes, under the mix name of Dope & Dirty.

As a loyal follower of Tiesto’s Club Life podcasts, I was turned on to Jordy Lishious when Tiesto dropped this bomb on my ears via podcast #214:

Jordy Lishious – Raw 2011 (JL’s Dope & Dirty Remix)

Dope AND Dirty stuff, right? The drop at 3:30 sends chills down my spine. Here are a couple other tracks/remixes he’s done to catch my ear. Also included is one of his Dope & Dirty monthly mixes. Get it.

Chris Lake & Marco Lys – Running Out (Jordy Lishious Dope & Dirty Remix)

Stretch & Vern – I’m Alive 2010 (Jordy Lishious Dub Mix) by JordyLishious

Far East Movement – Like A G6 (Jordy Lishious’ 1500 Followers Bootleg) by JordyLishious

Like what you hear? Be sure to check out this mix:

Dope & Dirty Radio @ SlamFM – May 2011 by JordyLishious