Dr. Ozi – Coconut Water

Yea I know coconut water is gross, drinking it after Electric Zoo would have made me puke if I had anything in my stomach, instead I just still had some gnarly cotton mouth. Today I have some better tasting coconut water brought to you by Nix Chohan and Christian Boyd who started working with sound designing and different programs to form their own dubstep that has turn heads and gotten themselves known over the past few years. The featured song Coconut Water has a very chill beginning with some good vibes, but opens up to an epic dubstep anthem halfway through, Enjoy.

Coconut Water – Dr. Ozi

Bonus Track: Outta Space starts out with a deep reggae tone which always gets me going then it drops into an insane Drumstep beat. Lemme know what song ya like better.

Outta Space – Dr. Ozi

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