Amon Tobin’s Stage Makes Deadmau5’s “Lights” Look Like A Cheap Arcade


While I had some general familiarity with who Brazilian electronic producer Amon Tobin was, I had no idea he had the fanbase or resources to pull something like this off.  Nothing short of an engineering marvel, the video above depicts a stage setup unlike anything you’ve ever seen which uses state-of-the-art software and projection equipment combined with a massive, 3D screen to create stunning and sometimes haunting visuals.  His trance-inducing music, which wouldn’t fit in line with anything posted on this site, pairs up disturbingly well with the setup.  In the video, the set designers, engineers and software technicians are all interviewed and give you some perspective into how it was possible to turn this dream into a reality.  To anyone who’s ever been to a light- and visual-driven show: you won’t want to miss this.  If you’re impatient, skip to what’s happening at 2:40 and you’ll see I told you so.

In other news, NERO, a favorite (or should I say favourite?) of this site, held their Dubstep Symphony today at 8PM BST (British Summer Time).  Spending countless hours working with the BBC’s Philharmonic Orchestra, the two dubstep geniuses have created a full score of an hour in length of dubstep crafted for actual instruments.  While I was unfortunate to have been working during the hours it debuted live over the internet here in the US, as soon as I have the chance to hear it I will be weighing in on its awesomeness.  So far, the internet buzz about it seems complementary: while it may not be WOMP to blow your head off, it is sure to be something to witness regardless.  Watch below to see an interview with the boys and some background on the project.