Solardo Are Making Their Case For Breakout Artist of the Year with “On The Corner” & BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix

Ever since I heard Lee Foss open his 2016 CRSSD set with Solardo‘s “Tribesmen” I was hooked. Lee Foss on his own is an outstanding DJ, playing exactly the brand of Tech-House I love, and at the time “Tribesmen” was an unreleased track that had me shouting “what is this and where can I get it?!”

Since that time I’ve had my eyes on Solardo and they even made my personal best of 2016 list for their track “Tribesmen” (SHAMELESS PLUG READ HERE AND LISTEN HERE). I attended The BPM Festival in early 2017 and the late night/early morning set I saw Solardo play was easily one of the best all week. These guys know how to throw down banger after banger of fun, bouncy Tech-House complete with fat bass lines and addicting vocals (pun intended, see below).

Enter this month’s release of “On the Corner” which comes as a two-song EP paired with the track “Mental Atmosphere”. “On the Corner” is an absolute heater with a huge bass presence and fun vocals that talk about none other than Cocaine (see? now the pun makes sense). I heard Shiba San lay down “On the Corner” during his Movement 2017 set and as I always do when hearing notable tracks I put it on my list of songs to download.

To top things off, Solardo had the honor of playing BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix just a couple weeks ago. Only the cream of the crop are selected to mix together these two-hour sets and Solardo certainly came to play with the concoction they constructed. Highly recommend putting this one on as loudly as possible for your parties this weekend.

Solardo have had an incredible 18 months and I see no stopping for these two gents. By the time 2017 wraps up they just may be the breakout stars of the year! Show love if you like what you hear.