Gladkill Lovelost Preview Mixtape and Gyouro is Dead EP

Boris Gladkill has been on the scene for a while now and this new EP that he is releasing entitled Lovelost has taken a very fresh approach to dubstep, Gladkill calls it Lovestep. Basically the way I see it is lovestep is just dubstep’s really hot sister that you always wanted to chill with but instead you were out getting high with her older brother. Gladkill has a way of taking that west-coast future bass sound and blending it to a T with some really nice melodic sounds and soothing undertones. Gladkill is touring this Summer and you can catch him at the upcoming Bounce Festival, Emrg+N+See, Burning Man, and Earthdance where he will be entrancing crowds with his Lovestep. Also I have included the new EP from a lesser known DJ, Gyouro, who is a comrad of Gladkill’s and possesses some very similar sounds and likes to keep his womp smooth, slow, and funky. Enjoy the new teaser for Gladkill’s new mixtape, Lovelost, and be sure to give Gyouro is Dead the EP a good listen too because its all Hyphy when it come to Lovestep!

Gladkill-Lovelost Preview Mixtape

Gyouro is Dead EP:
1. (20)70’s Love-Gyouro
2. Jailbreak-Gyouro
3. June 14,1994-Gyouro
4. No Regrets-Gyouro