New STS9 EP: When the Dust Settles

Allow me to take this moment to slow down the BPMs and shine some light on STS9’s newest EP When the Dust Settles. STS9 are both one of my favorite electronic acts and one of my favorite bands and I get excited anytime I hear they are releasing new material.

For those new to the program, STS9 is an electronic band consisting of: Hunter Brown (guitar/laptop/midi keyboard), Jeffree Lerner (percussion/laptop/handsonic), David Murphy (bass/laptop/midi keyboard), David Phipps (keyboards/laptop), and Zach Velmer (drums).

David Murphy, known to fans as “Murph,” is the so-called front man of the group, although there are never any lyrics sung on their songs. Murph simply jumps on the mic from time to time between songs and talks to the crowd. Back in January Murph was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his sinus cavity but since then has made a full recovery and the band was able to play shows as recently as March where they played Ultra Music Festival as scheduled.

This new EP showcases STS9’s continued evolution in sound. They are moving in a direction where they appear to favor more electronic sounds that utilize synthesizers and drum loops. This is a change from their original sound that was more jam-band-esque. Here are a few notable tracks:

STS9 – Scheme
STS9 – When the Dust Settles

If those don’t wet your whistle, try out one of my favorite tracks called “Tokyo” and a sweet Bassnectar remix of “Some Sing,” both released in 2005.

STS9 – Tokyo
STS9 – Some Sing (Bassnectar Remix)