AC Slater @ Beta Nightclub 6.18.2011

AC Slater @ Beta Nightclub 6.18.2011

Sunday’s here and I couldn’t be happier.  Not only does it mean that Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas is only a short 5 days away but it is also a great day to throw some great music your way and recap the madness that went down earlier this week at Flux Pavilion/Doctor P in Burlington and last night at Beta Nightclub in Denver.  Last night, going to Beta turned out to be a last-minute decision but what a great one it was.  The crowd was manageable, Dragon’s opening set was on point, and AC Slater just murdered it with a set completely different that the one I heard the last time I saw him.  Slater, a member of the bass collective Trouble & Bass, steered away from his usual cocktail of high-energy drum and bass and instead provided the willing crowd with a brilliant set filled with dubstep, hip-hop, and even some house music.  I thoroughly enjoyed the set and, while it was nothing groundbreaking, provided excellent entertainment for a Saturday night.  I’d say the remix of Boys Noize’s song “Yeah” was the highlight for me.  The absinthe I got into after the show was a whole ‘nother story though…

Now to get into some of the best tracks from this week.  I found a lot of heady stuff so it took me a while to whittle it down but here’s three bangers sure to please.

This first one is a remix of the CLASSIC hip-hop song “I Got Five On It” by Luniz from way back in the day.  Wick-It-The-Instigator certainly instigates on this hard dub remix.  I love when hip-hop finds its way into dubstep songs, something that I found AC Slater did very well last night.

Luniz – I Got Five On It (Wick-It Remix)

This next one is a gem I found that was too good not to share today.  Coming to us from another masked DJ, SBTRKT (does anyone know how to say that?) give us a laid-back dubstep track with great vocals.  It almost sounds like he’s using a wah-wah pedal on this.  This one reminds me a lot of “The Vision” by Joker that we posted a month back or so; got a real similar vibe and I look forward to hearing more from this guy.

SBTRKT – Wildfire

Finally, Alvin Risk brings us a SICK remix of the song Dimishing Returns by Ali Love.  The drop is so crazy with this high-pitched, repeating blast of sound over deep bass.  I find the vocals and lyrics to be pretty awesome too.  This track is huge and is all over Beatport so be sure to check it out.

Ali Love – Dimishing Returns (Alvin Risk Remix)