Feed Me @ EDC Colorado

Feed Me @ EDC Colorado - 6.11.11

Well, after a wild night last night, I must say I am extremely happy to have “survived” another week.  This week, I was able to check out Borgore put on by Sub.Mission at the Bluebird theater (ups to Got Bass Music for hooking me up with the tickets) on Tuesday night and got to experience what this dubstep beast was really capable of first-hand.  Playing several of his originals and some other standard dubstep bangers, he roused the crowd by rapping to several songs and putting on a hell of a show.  The crowd seemed to become divided during the last 20 minutes of the show when he switched gears from dubstep to heavy metal and hard rock.  That was my cue to leave.  Otherwise, good show and I’d recommend seeing him if you ever get the chance.

Then, last night, I had a very interesting festival experience at Electric Daisy Carnival out in the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds outside of Denver.  While in the end it proved to be a very fun time, there were several things that made this one of the worst festival experiences I’ve ever had.  It all started when we arrived in the parking lot and tried to drink a beer and were flagged down by one of many cops telling us that there’s no alcohol allowed in the parking lot and to “put that shit away.”  Whatever.  Then, when we tried to enter the venue, we learned that there were no bandanas, no open packs of cigarettes or gum, no backpacks, and no chap stick allowed, just to name of few of the outrageous rules.  Then I was asked to remove everything from my pockets and essentially strip searched, with the security guard checking INSIDE my shoes and socks.  After that, another guy went through everything that I had pulled out of my pockets and proceeded to confiscate my pack of cigarettes, of which only three had be taken out of, even refusing to give me one to bring in.  When we got inside and went to get a beer, we realized that there was a 20 minute long line to check ID’s so you could go inside this tent where you had to wait 20 more minutes to get a beer and then you had to drink it inside this dusty tent.  Also, I felt that the sound at a couple of the stages could have been much better.  Also, where the fuck were the “carnival rides”?? I counted 3 small ones.  FAIL.  Oh and then it took us 2 hours to get out of the parking lot.  Brutal.  Pluses were that there was an efficient and easy water fill-up station and the shows were pretty good.  Feed Me, Axwell, Datsik, and Z-Trip all put on great shows and I was surprised to find Vanish in the beer tent stage laying down some fresh disco beats!

Anyways, now to get to some tracks from the week that you should definitely get your paws on.  The first one is a remix of a hilarious song from the HBO show Flight of The Concords called “Too Many Dicks” remixed by Overwerk which gives the awesome lyrics a very danceable tune.

Flight of The Concords – Too Many Dicks (Overwerk Remix)

This next one is some new Mord Fustang which he dropped as a preview on his SoundCloud pretty recently but we now have the full mix.  Obviously everything Mord touches these days turns to gold so you’ll love it.  Kinda has a dubby feel which I’m digging.

Mord Fustang – A New World

Finally, Torro Torro, wobbly dubstep producers hailing from Toronto, Canada have released a remix of AC Slater’s song “Banger”.  Torro Torro has a very distinct sound which if you haven’t heard before, you should enjoy.  This isn’t as “Banger” as you might think from the title but it’s a solid, grooving track.

AC Slater – Banger (Torro Torro Remix)