Andddd We’re Back… With UK Electro House from Joe Garston

We’ll, I have no idea if anyone actually cares but the reason we’ve been “offline” for a couple days here is that we’ve been enjoying the festivities surrounding my birthday a little too much.  More on that tomorrow, as I’m working hard to bring you the best tracks of the week for tomorrow’s Survival Sunday and will also give you a recap of the shit that went down this weekend.  For today, though, just to get back into it, I wanted to throw up some electro house tracks I’ve been feeling from a little-known artist named Joe Garston.  If you’ve never heard of him, that’s unsurprising, as he only has just under 900 fans on Facebook (go here and CHANGE THAT) despite his track “Top of The World” having made it into the Top Ten on Beatport.  He also happens to be signed to the same label (Plasmapool) as one of the bestest doing it right now, Mr. Mord Fustang.  One thing that you really have to appreciate is that Garston isn’t just rising to fame by remixing other people’s songs; he’s taken the time and shows he has the talent to put together a stellar original production, which I’m finding to be more and more rare these days with up and coming producers.  I see a bright future for this producer and only time will tell if he can keep cranking quality material like this.

Joe Garston – Top of the World

Joe Garston – Domino