Survival Sunday: New Heat from Wolfgang Gartner, Cazzette, Dillon Francis, Diplo and Datsik WHOA!

Photo from Factory Girl Photography 

Survival Sunday is a weekly roundup of the biggest tracks from all over the internet in any given week, usually with tracks from the biggest names in EDM and/or our favorites.  We know everyone’s busy during the week and it’s hard to keep up with the music blog scene so SS is here so you can spend your decompression day catching up on anything you may have missed so you don’t end up looking like a noob.


So, while I’ve probably spent more time this weekend hungover than not, I must say it was all worth it.  Gotta Dance Dirty treated us to a lovely evening on Thursday with the opportunity to get up-close and personal with Mumbai Science at the Jet Hotel in Denver.  With no more than 50 people there, it doesn’t get much more intimate than that.  I felt bad that more people couldn’t make it but it still turned out to be an awesome time.  Highlight had to be looking around at one point and seeing almost everyone in the hotel wearing one of our stickers somewhere on their body (including, actually especially the staff!) which was hilarious.  I was also interested to meet two 16 year old girls completely sober standing right up front and having a great time–always a pleasant sight to see.  When I asked Mumbai Science if it was the smallest crowd they ever played for, one of them responded in an absolutely endearing Belgium accent, “Well, we played for two guys once.”  Overall, it was a great night and these DJ’s threw down regardless of the weak crowd and for that, you have to be impressed.  I’m sure plenty of DJ’s who could’ve flown halfway around the world to play for 30 people wouldn’t have been too stoked, but these guys we’re just happy to have anyone to play to at all and gave it everything they had.  Well done.

I don’t have much to say about Friday night as I remember very little and spent the night trying to get over my hangover from the previous by imbibing in excess but I wanna thank everyone who came out for my birthday (or anyone who wished me a happy birthday over the internet, still counts), it was a great time.  Now to get into the biggest tracks from this week.

This collaboration from music mogul Diplo and dubstep heavyweight Datsik previewed a few weeks back on Mad Decent’s Facebook page and before even listening to it, I knew it would bring the heat.  Pick this one as your poison.

Diplo & Datsik – Pick Your Poison

If you’ve been to a Wolfgang show anytime in the past year or so, you’re gonna listen to this song and say “WTF? This is new?”  Well, that was certainly my reaction when I heard it as he’s worked it into every one of his sets (can you tell I’ve seen quite a few?) that it just seemed like I had it back on my computer somewhere.  This is the release of his song “Ménage à Trois” which is expected to come off his new album, supposedly dropping sometime in September.  Give it a listen and see if you don’t recognize it.

Wolfgang Gartner – Ménage à Trois

Next up, Cazzette, who has made a jolting rise to internet fame in the past month or so with their chart-topping “Save the World” remix and their rework of Kanye’s “I’m A Motherfucking Monster,” among other releases, is at it again taking a stab at Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain.”  We all know about how Adele’s voice is probably the best to be paired with electronic music of all kinds since, well, anyone and Cazzette takes this one and brings it up to banger level with their special blend of house, electro-house and dubstep.  Thomas Gold also does a fine remix of this song if you want to go a little deeper, but I prefer this one.

Cazzette vs. Adele – Set Fire to the Rain (A Stupid Hole Bootleg)

Finally, and this would not normally be news unless I didn’t adore Dillon Francis and moombahton wasn’t the talk of the town right now, but Mr. DF has released a moombahton edit of my favorite song of his “Beautician.” At first, I wasn’t sure what to think as I was so in love with the original, but I’m really feeling this new version.  Right off the bat, you feel that moombahton flavor and he brings the rest of the track right around to match up with the altered tempo.

Dillon Francis – Beautician 2.0