Artist Spotlight: Dubba Jonny

Note: Because of a miscommunication, this week will in fact feature TWO artist spotlights.  Nothing wrong with more music, is there?

Today, I want to introduce you to Dubba Jonny, which is a two-piece dubstep act out of the UK. Dubba Jonny is made up of the main producer and DJ Jonny Gash and drummer Dubba the Slut. Having only formed in 2009, these guys really haven’t been around that long and, as you will be able to see in the video, these guys are a lot like Pretty lights in the sense that they are incorporating some level of live music into their shows by mixing a drummer with live electronics to compliment the work of the DJ.

So first off, I have a brand new UKF Dubstep exclusive from the new UKF Bass Culture album series. This is a brand new track from Dubba Jonny. The music video is a really well done and is a fun visual interpretation of a dubstep song, possibly a new favorite for me, and, although it is incredibly simple, it is the perfect representation of the music in its own unusual way. Enough talking though… check out this brand new video from UKF Dubstep and Dubba Jonny!

Up next, I have another dope music video here from Dubba Jonny.  I really love this music video because it reminds me of some of my favorite parties in college at the 239 main street house, that at the time was owned by MMIBTY’s very own Bhanna and Jake Coll (miss those days boys!). Check out this sweet video and be sure to check out the other tracks as well, these guys bring the heavy UK drops we expect.

There are also some bangers up on Dubba’s Soundcloud, as well as their Facebook Page. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Dubba Jonny spends much time in the States. All of their upcoming tours are overseas: they are playing everywhere from their hometown of Bournemouth to Tel Aviv though (damn I bet Tel Aviv would be a pretty intense setting to see this act in haha, maybe next year MMIBTY crew?). Anyways, enjoy these bangers from Dubba Jonny and see ya next monday, peace.

Dubba Jonny – All In
Dubba Jonny – Home VIP
UKF dubstep tutorial presented by Dubba Jonny