Acetronik (formerly Barnett Lobel) – Monkey Do This

So there I was, a few weeks ago, listening to Tiesto’s Club Life podcast (#218) and I heard a track that really stood out to me. It had a familiar voice, a catchy hook, and that electro-house wobble I’ve come to enjoy from producers such as Porter Robinson, Lazy Rich, and Zedd. The man behind the track goes by Barnett Lobel and features the vocals of electro-house singer Sue Cho (I recognized her from banger songs like “Hello” by Porter Robinson & Lazy Rich and “Beats Inside My Head” by Scooter & LaVelle remixed by Revolvr & Donald Glaude). The song was called “Yours Tonight”.

Over this past weekend Barnett hit me up and explained his interest in having us write a post about an unreleased track he just completed. The track is called “Monkey Do This” and achieves his goal of creating a unique, fresh, and funky Dubstep song. Although Barnett released “Yours Tonight” under his real name, he now goes by the stage name Acetronik and you can access his Facebook page here. Please support this guy and “Like” his profile page to access a preview of his new track “Make Me Feel Good.” Let’s just say it goes HARD. For more deep wobbles by Acetronik, check out his SoundCloud. If you REALLY like what you hear, vote for “Monkey Do This” as part of Identity Festival’s competition to win a spot on the tour.

Click Through to Read Acetronik’s Bio!

“My name is Barnett Lobel and but for all things music, Acetronik. I was born in the Upper East Side of New York but grew up for the most part in Englewood, New Jersey. From as far back as I can remember I’ve had a relentless desire to learn everything I possibly can about music. I’ve written songs and produced in any genre you can name and I still have a lot to learn. After experiencing Electric Zoo in NYC in 2009, something about EDM really struck a chord in me and since then I’ve been pursuing it. I’ve only officially been on the EDM scene since May 2011 with one track and since then I’ve been fortunate enough to have support from great people like Tiesto, Mark Knight, Lazy Rich, Darth & Vader, and more. I am incredibly excited to continue forging a style of electronic dance music I can truly call my own. I can only hope that more people catch on and follow what I’m doing so thanks for your support!”