Survival Sunday: American-Themed Tracks from Calvin Harris, Porter Robinson, and Hypster

So, lo and behold, while all of you out in the great nation of American are undoubtedly celebrating our 235th anniversary of our independence with unhealthy and generous portions of booze and overdosing on fireworks and the colors red, white and blue, I have been blessed with a sinus infection and DOUBLE ear infection. That’s right folks, every hole on my face is fucked, and it’s even more awful than it sounds (…granted that sounds pretty bad). This is no doubt my punishment for all the silly fun I had last weekend at Electric Daisy Carnival in Sin City but it is what it is and life must go on. Unfortunately, this has prevented me from hearing these awesome tracks in their full fidelity but I know for sure that you will enjoy them.

This weekend, I figured I’d make use of all the extra time I had and try to not only bring you quality tracks as I usually do but also have them keep in line with the theme of the weekend: America. Unfortunately, American EDM producers are few and far between and it was especially hard locking down tracks that were both by Americans and about America. Here’s two U.S.A. oriented tracks to get the weekend started off right.

First, Calvin Harris gives us his take on this Kelis song which couldn’t be more relevant. I was always partial to the Rusko remix myself but this one has a nice, fun sound to it which I found quite appropriate. (He’s Scottish but we’ll let that one go…)

Kelis – 4th Of July (Fireworks) [Calvin Harris Remix]

Second, Porter doing his thing to InnerPartySystem’s hit American Trash. This one’s been out a while and it’s not my favorite of his but certainly has its moments. Below that I also threw up his brand new track, a remix of Lady Gaga’s The Edge of Glory, which I’m feeling and really shows how this youngster is blossoming into an amazing producer (and I’m sure it hasn’t hurt that he’s been stuck touring on a bus with Skrillex and Zedd, all of whom will be at Global Dance Festival in 2 weeks). Slow buildup but FUNKY bass stuff going on at 2:30.

InnerPartySystem – American Trash (Porter Robinson Remix)

Lady Gaga – The Edge of Glory (Porter Robinson Remix)

Finally, and this one has absolutely nothing to do with America except for the fact that it’s downright epic, Hypster provides us with a HYPHY mix sampling “O Fortuna” from Carmina Burana. You may remember that another track I posted this week also sampled from that work and it’s just coincidence that this one does the same. You would probably know it as the song that Jackass 2 opened with. Great set starter for you DJ’s out there, sexy electro always gets things off on the right foot.

Hypster – The Uprising

Have fun and be safe out there tomorrow. Remember to let go once you light the fuse…