Artist Spotlight: Darth & Vader

Well this is has been a long time coming to say the least! I remember almost two months ago we had discussed showcasing this group, but let’s be honest, this summer has been very good to us music lovers. So as we lost sight of these cats they did what we could only fathom, pumping out remix after remix, a few originals, and a truly banger mix all in the last month or two. Now, looking back I am so happy we have waited for these two to develop a signature sound and produce a string of solid tracks so we can give them a proper artist spotlight. Without further adieu I present to you Darth & Vader hailing from Brazil.

Aqualight – I Am Dancing (Darth&Vader Remix)

Darth & Vader are a Brazilian electro house duo that truly let their music do the talking. As far as a biographic history of the pair, there isn’t to much to be said. They seem to be keeping themselves quite small while the music they are producing continues to make heads bang everywhere. They have mastered the so called call-and-response/Brazilectro style of music and their songs reflect that through a smooth mixture of heavy drops and funky beats. The next two tracks are relatively new, exhibiting how they have evolved into making strictly epic remixes that typically straight shit on the originals. Please note that these are low quality tracks so please go to Beatport to buy the studio quality versions.

Michael Froh – Critical Mass (Darth&Vader Remix)

Acetronik – Make Me Feel Good (Darth&Vader Remix)

As these two develop and progress in their studio and live productions I can only expect them to elevate the entire electro house scene through their unique way to make people get up and just jump around (-DJ Nickles). Looking at their Soundcloud it seems that they are touring heavily throughout South America in the upcoming months with a few stops in Mexico. So, it is only a matter of time until they make it to the states: the sooner the better so like them on Facebook to show them the love. I leave you with their hour long mix they did for Lazy Rich’s show to demonstrate their mixing talents, but please go their pages to find so many more tracks from these guys!

Lazy Rich Show (July 2011) – Guest Mix by Darth&Vader