Meet Up and Comer Tommy Nobel

Let me introduce you to the newest electro house duo to smash up decks and climb the Beatport charts. Two weeks ago Tommy Noble (Alex Quirk & Trevor Welch) dropped their first EP featuring ‘The Engineer” and ‘Zombie Cancer’, both original tracks. These tracks bring some killer drops mixed with crazy, hyphy anthems, and great vocals that solidify my approval of this EP. Already featured on Lazy Rich‘s podcast and fresh remixes on the horizon I can only expect more huge things to come from these two. Be sure to like them on Facebook for more tracks and tour dates.

Tommy Noble – The Engineer

Speaking of up and comers, I met this next DJ playing an insane version of beer pong at my younger brothers’ fraternity last year. These kids knew how to party with the music definitely getting the girls to dance on the table by the end of the night. DJ nickles (Nick Donovan) has teamed up with Native Son (Dan Zorn) to form a duo under the alias Dead Planet. Follow them on Soundcloud to get more tracks like ‘Optimus Grime’, featured below.

Dead Planet – Optimus Grime