Survival Sunday: Pretty Lights Made Red Rocks His Bitch and Big Things from Savoy, Kaskade, and More

Now, when I say PL made Red Rocks his bitch last night, I mean every last word of it. First, he sold out the entire amphitheater and there was little doubt that every ticket holder showed up.  Second, he brought along his entire PL crew and they owned the crowd hours before Derek would ever take the stage himself.  Gramatik threw down two amazing sets, both of which were way more high-energy than one might expect from hearing his latest album, but the crowd was certainly loving it like crazy.  Between his two sets, Big K.R.I.T. performed for about 30 minutes, which I think most people can agree was a pretty big disappointment and completely out of place considering all the other music that Red Rocks was playing host to last night.

Then, when Skream took the stage, it seemed as if everyone was finally ready for some serious dubstep.  He started off his set with some originals but, when it seemed the crowd started to get disinterested, he switched full blast to some Doctor P and even threw down Rusko favorites “Hold On (Sub Focus Remix)” and “Everyday” and a remix of “Bass Cannon” that absolutely raped everyone’s ears.  Closing out his set by blasting Rage Against The Machine’s “Killing In The Name Of” left a great taste in everyone’s mouth when he left the stage.  Michael Menert followed with a set that I would describe as good but not particularly memorable, but I’m pretty sure at this point everyone just wanted to hear the man himself take the stage.

When Pretty Lights first began, I’m pretty sure everyone stood mesmerized with his new lights before they could fully take in the awesomeness of the experience.  I’m talking lasers, cone lights, crazy 3D DJ booth, the whole nine yards.  My phone couldn’t even capture the true beauty of it because they were too goddamn bright.  The first half of his set consisted of standard Pretty Lights fare but the second set is where he began to blow me away with some very unique and bass-heavy new originals which really have me looking forward for what’s to come.  But enough about PL, let’s get into it.

This week Kaskade released his newest sexy house track “Eyes”.  This one, as most things Kaskade does, is sure to please the ladies but also offers a soothing house track that everyone can appreciate.

Kaskade – Eyes feat. Mindy Gledhill (Extended Mix)

Next up, Le Castle Vania, an electro producer who has a very unique style, has released his long awaited-track “Awake”.  Featuring some very heavy, guitar-influenced synths and entrancing female vocals, this track should really give you a taste of this guy’s skills.

Le Castle Vania – Awake

SAVOY!  What more is there to say?  What started as a college experiment has turned out some of my favorite house DJ’s as of right now.  These guys have decided to dip into dubstep (you may remember hearing this track at any one of their shows in the past year or so) and everyone agrees they have done it again.  This song has spent most of the week in the Beatport Top Ten Dubstep Charts and even made it to #1.  Massive track.

Savoy – I’m In Need (Original Mix)

Finally, and this one is fucking awesome, Bart B More, Drop the Lime and AC Slater (YUPP) have all teamed up to put out this awesome track aptly named “The Bass”.  The only way to describe this track is weird but simultaneously awesome, as are most things that each of these artists do individually.  Just listen through at least twice and I guarantee you all you’ll want is the bass.

Bart B More, AC Slater & Drop The Lime – The Bass

Identify Festival in Mansfield, Massachusetts in 6 days and Electric Zoo in 3 weeks.  Oh SHEEETT!