House Bangers for My Return

How we doing people? So as you may have noticed I haven’t made a post in almost two weeks.  I know, WTF?  Well, first there was Hurricane Irene, which left me with no power for the better part of last week.  Then there was Electric Zoo, of which I was only able to enjoy the first two days because thanks to a dick NYPD officer and a three-year old unpaid ticket, I was forced to spend the entire duration of day three and the night and the following morning in NYC Central Booking, a place you NEVER EVER want to end up.  And I mean that in the most serious tone imaginable.  But luckily I have gotten far away from that awful place and am now back in Denver ready to get back to real life.  And to start off my return, I want to cover some house songs that you may or may not have already heard, but should definitely be part of your collection.

First off, this track goes out to my boy Fisher who’s actually living in the beautiful place this funky house song was named after.  This song takes a while to get it’s feet off the ground but do give it a chance… I wouldn’t have put it up here if it wasn’t awesome.  It drops a such a funky bassline that made me instantly fall in love with this song.

[soundowl track_id=”1nv9″ title=”Barcelona – Original Mix” artist=”Young Rebels, Francesco Diaz, David Costa” url=”young-rebels-francesco-diaz-david-costa-barcelona-original-mix” ]

 Young Rebels & Francesco Diaz vs David Costa – Barcelona (Original Mix)

Next up, this song is far from new but, despite as much as I can say I’ve heard it, I didn’t have it in my collection so I can only imagine there are other readers in the same boat. Now this is fucking certifiable.  TURN UP THE VOLUME!

Autoerotique – Turn Up The Volume

Finally, Tiesto’s newest song has been all over the internet as it was released this week even though it made it’s first appearance at EDC in Las Vegas.  He closed with this one at Electric Zoo and if you can’t imagine Tiesto in his Dutch accent screaming “Let’s go MAXIMAL CRAZY” to a crowd of 50,000 people, then you just don’t know what you’re missing.

Tiesto – Maximal Crazy (Original Mix)