Paper Diamond and The Turnt Up Tour

Got a banger that’s fresh out of the oven from Paper Diamonds mind… Big thanks to Sioux over at Magnum PR for hooking us up with this one. Paper Diamond’s brand new Turnt Up tour will be kicking off just twelve short days from now right here in Burlington, VT! The show on 9/21 in Burlington is featuring Sorry For Partying and Two Fresh with Paper Diamond headlining the night. The real treat today though is a brand new single from Paper Diamond entitled Can We Go Up. This track is full of really crisp drops and loops that make for a really enjoyable song the whole way through. So be sure to get your tickets to The Turnt Up Tour Stop nearest you-the full schedule can be found here. Burlington, GET YOUR TICKETS HERE! This show has not sold out yet and is definetely not one to miss, reference the video of Paper Diamond below if you need anymore convincing, and enjoy another new banger from PLM’s own Paper Diamond.

[soundowl track_id=”1o4u”  ]