iLuminate is Some of The Coolest Shit I’ve Ever Seen

For those of you like me who never really gave two shits about watching the NBC show America’s Got Talent, I have something amazing to show you.  As I found out Wednesday night while watching the finals episode for lack of anything better to watch, I discovered the mind-blowing epicness that is Team iLuminate (pronounced eye-luminate).  As I understand it, the creator of the iLuminate used to be a ballet dancer with a part-time passion for programming.  After hurting herself, she turned to a full-time programming venture coupled with her love for dancing. What spawned is an advanced light-suit architecture that could be programmed to work with choreographed dancing to produce a visual experience unlike any other.

Being that we are an electronic music blog and a big part of the scene is bright and entrancing lights, I felt it was pertinent to share these videos with anyone who might not be aware of this awesome venture. Although they only came in 3rd place this season, I have no doubt that this is the start of a dancing revolution which I can only hope someday will show itself on a main stage at a major festival or rave.  And if you want to be that guy who gets to wear one of these and be the man, you can rent them on the iLuminate website. Can’t wait to see where this thing goes.

Check out these videos for more and YouTube “Team iLuminate” for more of their performances from the show: