Portuguese electro producer Under Construction has recently come to my attention for some of the recent remixes and collaborations he’s been working on. This track in particular, a collaboration with Israeli “psytrance” producers Skazi, stood out to me with it’s cool vocals and a pretty unique electro house sound.  Skazi’s style is very different from what this song is all about and you can definitely tell from listening their work that the majority of the production on this track was handled by Under Construction, with Skazi most likely contributing the vocal work.  Anyways, this one is perfect for electro house fans and I’d definitely keep an eye on Under Construction: he gives a lot of his music away for free and, while he’s still honing his sound, definitely has potential to be a formidable player in the ever-crowded electro house arena.

Skazi & Under Construction – How To Feel Alive

Check out Under Construction’s SoundCloud for more free downloads and like his Facebook Page.