Artist Spotlight: Crizzly

Time for everyone to meet the bass monster reigning from the great state of Texas (so don’t fux with him). Crizzly, Chris Marshall, is one hell of a 19-year-old producer tearing up decks around the country bringing those notorious southern ganster anthems with him. Combining some fresh hip hop lyrics with the undeniable sounds of dubstep, he has found yet another niche in the over saturated electronic music scene. Let’s jump right into it with a track he dropped yesterday that will give you a sense of what I’m rambling on about…

Aj Hernz – Snap Back Swag (Crizzly Remix)

Next up is an original track he collaborated on with Kids At The Bar titled “Like Dat.” The track starts off on a slow note, but quickly builds on a heavy electro beat and some fresh vovals so when the drop finally hits you’ll be sure to be five feet up in the air. This along with all of his tracks can be found on his Soundcloud page for absolutely free along with album artwork.

Crizzly + Kids At The Bar – Like Dat

Crizzly has got a lot of talent and we will be seeing him for years to come as he has already played at EDC Dallas and will be at Insomniac’s fall massive Escape to Wonderland for Halloween Weekend. He is also playing with an MMIBTY favorite, DallasK, at the Fox Theater in Boulder on November 1st, along with several other dates around the country so make sure to follow his BandPage on Facebook. Finally, here’s some more of that southern crunkstep for you to rage too….

Lil Kee – Bust It Wide Open (Crizzly Remix)

Wacka Flocka – Hard In Da Paint ((Bellizio Remix) Crizzly Edit)