David Guetta Still Has It Apparently

Let me give you a little background on what I mean. My first experience with Guetta was back probably 3 or 4 years ago and was my first real exposure to EDM. More specifically, we listened to his Fuck Me I’m Famous podcasts on repeat (mixed with a little of Armin’s State of Trance podcasts) on the 16 hour drive to and from Rothbury, the legendary festival in Northwest Michigan whose grounds played host to Electric Forest festival this year. Suffice to say, my exposure to Guetta was integral in what my music tastes have become and my sincere passion for EDM today. His last album, One Love, had some amazing tracks on it and “Sexy Bitch” still has to be one of the most entertaining songs I’ve ever heard. And who didn’t love the song “Memories”? Then, I remember the first time I heard his progressive house track “GRRR…” which quickly became one of my favorite tracks to take a snowboard run to.

But then I lost my faith. Repeated collaborations with such mainstream pop stars as Flo Rida (“Club Can’t Handle Me”) and Rhianna (“Who’s That Chick?”) made me wonder. His work with the Black Eyed Peas was questionable. Then, worst of all, came his completely made-for-radio rehash-of-Sexy-Bitch “Where Them Girls At” featuring Nicki Minaj and, again, Flo Rida. In the meantime, he released such singles as “Glasgow”, “Lunar” (w/ Afrojack), and “Sunshine” (w/ Avicii) which showed promise but it was hard to erase what I had come to believe was a ruined Guetta. But, as is my duty, I got a hold of his CD (the two-disc one, which unfortunately will probably never reach a lot of people) and just recently got around to listening to it. CD1 is full of the same shit I expected to hear which mainstream pop lovers will enjoy but most old-school Guetta fans will be disappointed by. It was only until I reached CD2 that I realized how much talent this guy still has. Not only does it sound like he’s found a Daft Punk-esque sound much like we first heard with “Lunar”, but his production (sans vocals) is as on point as ever. I think I wasted a little too much breath here so let me just SHOW you what I’m talking about and tell me you disagree.

David Guetta – Toy Story
(My favorite)

David Guetta – The Alphabeat
(Almost sounds like something the old Justice would’ve made)

David Guetta – Metro Music
(If I didn’t know better, I’d say Daft Punk produced this one)

Note: The last two songs above are not on the iTunes or Beatport release of his 2CD set but you can get every other song here.