In Case You Missed It: Nero’s “Must Be The Feeling”

I have to admit a failure on our part. As you may remember, a couple months back Nero released their debut album Welcome Reality and, despite all the hype we gave the album, very little was said once it was released. I guess my go-to excuse would be that the album already featured a ton of tracks we’d already heard over the past couple years of following the UK dubstep duo like “Guilt”, “Me & You”, “Promises”, etc. so it wasn’t worth going into too much detail on. Well, having listened to it through several times since its release, I must say it’s a damn good album through and through, although I would’ve expected nothing less from them: they have always been one of my favorite dubstep acts both for their studio work and their incredible live performances. For those of you who didn’t cop the album, I wanted to introduce you to one of my new favorite Nero songs and it’s NOT dubstep (well, not in any conventional sense). This funky gem stands out to me as the best song off the album that hadn’t been previously “released” (a.k.a. in my iTunes). If you don’t have the album yet, I strongly suggest you go out and buy it if, for nothing else, to support these talented guys.

Nero – Must Be The Feeling
Find Welcome Reality (Deluxe Edition) on iTunes here.

If you’ve already heard the song and are feeling a little disappointed because you were hoping for dat-new-new or some dirty dubstep, I have one track that will satify both those needs as a bonus. It also happens to be a remix of a track off Nero’s aforementioned album. Win, Win, Win (aka “The TripleWin”).

Nero – Reaching Out (Kisbeat!&Chemical Remix)